Conditions Of Sale has three types of content and different terms and conditions apply to the use of each. Please read the detail below carefully.


These three content types are:


The personalized e-books


Copyright applies to our e-books and you may not copy or reproduce in any way any part of any Zoowun e-book. However, you may distribute as widely as you like using electronic or physical means.


If you have any questions, please e-mail us at


The blog content


You are welcome to quote in whole or part from our blogs as long as you reference the source and a link to the original blog.


The images


You are welcome to use our images so long as you source them to and post the following: “This image was used with permission from Zoowun Limited”


If you have any queries about anything relating to our intellectual property or copyright, please e-mail us at


Our Refund Policy

If you are not completely happy with your Zoowun e-book, for any reasons, we will fix it at no cost or refund you the full purchase price with no questions for up to 90 days after purchase. If you request a full refund, please keep the e-book with our good wishes. 


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