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The Bath Book

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Make your child the hero in this fun-filled e-book. It has your child’s name on the cover and throughout the text, so that the story truly is all about him. The bright and colorful pictures feature an avatar that looks like your child, so that he can see himself as the story’s star. Choose the avatar that looks most like your child when you order. The choices include 6 different skin tones, 5 different hair colors and 6 different hairstyles. Babies love bath time. Now read your baby the story of his own unique bath time and have some splishy splashy fun any time. Personalize the text with your baby's own name and choose the avatar that looks most like him for the pictures. Buy the e-book here for just US$3.50.

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I am a fan of personalized books and I really wish this e-book was available as a book. It's bright and colourful and I love how the pictures are personalized as well as the text.


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