Let your child be the story's hero

Imagine a world where your child’s story books are populated with characters that look like them?


Not anymore.

Imagine reading your child a bedtime story in which they are the hero. They hear their name in the story.

More importantly, they see themselves in the pictures that illustrate the story.

Watch this short video to see how three one-year old boys from different nationalities – Aarav, Hamish and Zak – all enjoy a fun-filled reworking of the This Little Piggy Nursery Rhyme.


Your child can also enjoy this delightful and colorful e-book for just US$4.00.


  • Listen to them giggle as they hear the familiar words of the rhyme expanded into a story.
  • Cuddle them close as they hear her name at the core of the story.
  • Watch her point to the pictures where the hero of the story looks like her.



Now you can tailor-make a story in which your child is the hero in just three easy steps.


Step #1: Go to www.zoowun.com.

Step #2: Choose the e-book you want for your child from the right age tab.

Step #3: Choose the avatar that looks most like your child by clicking or swiping through the menu of over 100 avatars. They come in options of six different skin tones, 19 different hairstyles and five different hair colors. Select the one that looks most like your child. Then complete the order form and check out.




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