The secret to a tantrum-free bedtime story time

Are you tired of struggling to get a whirlwind of toddler to settle and engage with their bedtime story? Do you want a calm, tranquil time enjoying a story together that will set up a peaceful bedtime?


Now, you can make bedtime story time a haven of tranquillity. A place where your toddler engages with and delights in the story you’re reading together. And you and your child connect while you relish the story together.

  Make your child the hero in their own story

I know what it’s like to have to deal with toddler meltdowns minutes before bedtimes. Your frustration. Their tears. Your sense of shame that this wouldn’t be happening if you were a better mom. (That’s not true, by the way.)


You can enjoy bedtime stories together – without the tantrums

But there is a way to enjoy a bedtime story time that is full of smiles and snuggles. One where the two of you cuddle together and enjoy a story – together.


A story time where your toddler is so engaged with the story that the toybox (or anything else) isn’t nearly as attractive as enjoying a story time with you.


The secret is to make your toddler the very center of the story time.


Now you can make this happen quickly and easily. Just read them a story where they are – literally – the story’s hero.


Make your toddler the center of their story time

In Zoowun’s unique personalized e-books, your child will:

  • Hear their name throughout the story; and
  • See themselves in the vibrant pictures.

    Now, you may be saying to yourself that you don’t want to use e-books. That it is a screen and you don’t want that.


    I hear you.


    Our stories are reasonably priced

    But here are the two reasons we use the e-book format to bring you a fun-filled story time quickly and cheaply.

  • It allows the automatic (and speedy) personalization of the story.
  • It keeps our costs low.


Many personalized children’s story books are very expensive because each book has to be individually made. We use technology to cut out human intervention in creating the book. (Plus, it is delivered to you almost instantly.)


Then, using a digital format completely cuts out the (high) cost of printing each story book separately.


You might also feel uncomfortable that you don’t know what you are buying.


You’ll know exactly what you’re buying

You can be assured that you will know exactly what your story book will look like. There is a “look Inside” link for each story that will play through an example of what each story each. It will show you where the pictures and text will be changed to make the story – uniquely – about your child.


Introducing the brand-new Pet Diplodocus story for two-year-olds

Here is our brand-new personalized story especially for two-year-olds.


Dinosaur-mad toddler? Entertain him with this ultimate dinosaur tale where he is the hero of the story. The Pet Diplodocus story is a fun-filled yarn of how your favorite two-year-old solves the problem of keeping a rapidly-growing Diplodocus.



Watch the video embedded below for our brand new “Pet Diplodocus” story.




And remember: if you – or your child – don’t love your personalized story, we will refund your purchase price in full. (And please keep the e-book with all our love and best wishes.)


So, to summarize. You can make your child the hero in a story that includes full personalization of the pictures too. Our stories are specially formulated by age group. This means they are the appropriate length to engage – and not tire – your child.


And you can avoid the bedtime temper tantrum, which guarantees a night of broken sleep for both of you



And you’ll receive a free copy of the “Diplodocus Factbook” with every purchase of the Pet Diplodocus story.


Three quick and easy steps to buy it now

You can buy your child a personalized Zoowun story in three easy steps:

  1. Go to (for boys) or (for girls) and choose a story for your child.
  2. Select the avatar that looks most like your child. We have over 200 options for you to choose from.
  3. Fill out the order form and check out.


Your unique personalized “Pet Diplodocus” story – starring your child as the hero – will be delivered into your inbox in under five minutes.


To enjoy one today, buy one now at


And snatch calm from the chaos of a toddler’s bedtime story.


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