Buy stories with diverse heroes EVERY time

Imagine it. Your child walks into a bookstore. She walks up to the shop assistant.

“Please, can I buy a book where the hero looks like me?”


The shop assistant’s eyes glaze over. As you watch you see that she has not really seen your child. And she doesn’t want to.


“What do you want that for? Here are our popular stories. The ones that girls like you love best. They’re mostly about white boys and dogs.”


“But...but…I’d really like a story about a girl like me. One where she’s brave and strong.”


The shop assistant raises her eyes to the ceiling.


“Don’t be silly dear. These books are the ones that girls like you love best.” 

  Find children's stories with diverse stories 

Your daughter – your brave, stubborn two-year-old girl – stands her ground. Your heart is overflowing with pride that almost – almost – quenches the anger burning behind your eyes.


“I said I would like to buy a story where the hero looks like me.”


The shop assistant sighs and shakes her head. “There are a few. Somewhere in the back there. Ask your mom to help you find them.”


And with that she turns to “help” the next customer, leaving the two of you to search the shelves vainly for just one story book where the hero looks like your brave little girl.


But it doesn’t have to be this way.


You don’t have to wait for publishing houses and bookstores to notice you and your daughter.


This is the 21st century and technology can give you the stories that your child wants – ones where the hero looks like her. Every single time.


And you can go one step better – because the hero is not just any random child.


Right now, you can get your child a personalized e-book that stars her as the hero in her very own story.


A personalized e-book where the pictures are also customized – so that she can literally see herself on the page.


You can also personalize the text, so that your child truly is the hero in her own story.


So, you don’t have to leave it to chance and hope that she will have access to stories with heroes that look like her.


She doesn’t have to feel invisible. Not today or any day.


You can make it happen in 3 easy steps.


  1. Go to
  2. Select the avatar that looks most like your child by swiping through the menu (on mobile) or clicking the red arrows (on desktop).
  3. Fill out the order form (including your child’s name) and check out.

Your child’s personalized story e-book will be delivered direct to your inbox almost instantly. You can read it on your tablet, your phone, your Kindle or any other e-reader and your computer.


So, don’t delay and leave her feeling invisible. Make your child the hero in her own story now at starting from just US$3.50.