The story of Zoowun


Right - so intuitively many parents and caregivers understand that reading stories to their children is important (a topic that I will chip in my two cents worth on a number of occasions from here, I have absolutely no doubt). But sometimes I wonder if we miss something more fundamental in our pursuit of “doing the right thing” for our children in terms of their future literacy, education and – ultimately – life prospects. Do we - in the mad rush of the passing days - forget why just the simple act of telling – or listening – to a story is fundamental to our human experience?


Do we forget that in story times we are doing what cave men did in the dark depths of winter as they huddled around fires, listening to the saber-tooth tiger’s roars in the blackness outside? Or that kings and despots used travelling minstrels to project power? Or that propaganda – the power of words literally falling from the sky – has been used to fight wars? Do we lose ourselves in the simple rhythm and magic that the words weave around us?

  Zoowun personalized stories 

Are stories important because they teach us how to see ourselves? More powerfully, do our words and the way we talk quietly to ourselves about how we see our lives, our hopes, fears and dreams ultimately shape who we are and how we do the things we do? Can we teach our children how to shape their own futures through the stories we tell them?


This is central to our thinking at Zoowun. We do not see our individual and unique books as narcissistic but as a way for children to see themselves as their own best role model and begin to feel the way around the edges of their world. Zoowun gives children quality stories that put them at the center of the action – a space to be themselves. This has a very personal element for me.


For my daughter I want to give her a space to dream where there are no limitations on what she can do, where she can go or who she will ultimately become. For my son, it is equally about the sense of possibility, the idea that he can do – or be - anything he chooses.


So at Zoowun we believe in the power of stories and their ability to create reality. As a result, we have created fun and interesting tales that allow each child’s imagination to soar as they expand the limits of their own world. We believe each child should literally have their own story.


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