Why personalized children's books?

If you have been reading this blog then I guess there is an elephant in the room.A very large elephant. 

I like to think this elephant is a rather dazzling shade of shocking pink with enormous purple tusks with ferocious points.

This elephant is so glaringly obvious that no-one can keep their eyes off it as it marauds its way through our imaginary room and pushes against our imaginary trees with all its incredible strength. 

Yet we are averting our eyes and trying to pretend that it isn't there...hoping it will go away...or at the very least change its extraordinary color to a more neutral shade of ordinary elephant grey. 

That elephant is the concept of personalized books (or personalised if that is your usage). I first saw a personalized kids’ book when I was ten. It was the first day of the new school term and a boy named Gerald with dark hair and dancing eyes bought a book to class for “show and tell”. 

   Zoowun personalized kids books

I thought it was such an amazing idea as he held it up and explained that the story was all about him and his best friend. I wasn’t alone. The whole class was enchanted by the idea. So we begged our teacher to read it to us.


And eventually, after a lot of cajoling by 25 eager kids, she did.


What a disappointment…


I can’t remember what the story was about, just that it bad. So. Very. Bad.


I was also so disappointed by the pictures. Surely if the book is about you, then the pictures should look like you too?


But no. Gerald’s character was a Giraffe and the friend who romped through the pages with him was a zebra.


That is not to say that the pictures weren’t fun, vibrant and exciting. They were. But they weren’t about Gerald. They were about a giraffe and a zebra who frolicked through the pages to the book’s forgotten but disappointing end.


I will never know if that was where the germ of the idea for Zoowun came from. But here we are. I still get excited about the idea of a story that is all about one of my kids or my nieces and nephews (or even me).


I hope that we at Zoowun have addressed my ten-year old twin frustrations with fun, engaging and age-appropriate stories that feature colorful and amusing pictures starring an avatar who looks something like the book’s child hero. I hope that our stories are indeed customized kids’ books in every sense and that this is reflected in both the text and pictures.


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