Why personalize a baby book?

Have you ever watched your baby flirt with the other baby in the mirror? Have you laughed as she batted her eyelashes at the new playmate she sees reflected there? Have you ever wondered what is so very powerful about what we learn from ourselves?

 Zoowun personalized books for babies

The reality may be a little less whimsical. It seems that babies don’t actually learn to recognise themselves until they’re around 18 months or so, but they do love faces. And they learn important lessons about how to focus, track objects and about evaluating other people’s emotional states. They are also learning that they are separate beings from their mother and so begin the process of forming their own identity.


Imagine being able to give your baby that unique perspective that comes from studying themselves in a different medium. What if you could combine that idea of exploring yourself objectively from the outside with you the adult reading to your baby?


At Zoowun we have developed a range of personalised books especially for babies. These e-books will make story time a pleasure for both of you as you read them over and over. And don’t forget the great mental stimulation things that reading together does in terms of academic development. It’s just that now doing the right thing doesn’t have to feel like a chore.


Our e-books will give you:

  • Fun, engaging stories that pull your baby into their own adventure;
  • Bright, individual illustrations that really do make the story all about your baby. You choose an avatar that looks like your own child to star in the illustrations.
  • These stories involve your babies developing senses of sight and hearing;
  • The stories are age-appropriate length and vocabulary. (We do not have a “one size fits all” book.)
  • The e-book format is easy to transport and always available on your phone, tablet or e-reader. (Perfect for those awkward waits in supermarkets or doctor’s waiting rooms or long trips.) It also can’t be torn or scrunched (but you might want to make sure your tablet has a robust cover)


    Starting from US$3.50 per book, you will receive your own special e-book starring your baby as the hero.


    We target delivering 90% of all books within one hour. Your book will arrive no later than 48 hours from order if we need to make further adjustments to match your particular circumstances.

    Here’s how to order:

  • Go to www.zoowun.com.
  • Choose the appropriate age tab and click on it.
  • Select your book.
  • Select the avatar from the pop-up that looks most like your child.
  • Fill out the order form and complete the order process.
  • Your e-book will be e-mailed to you in a.pdf format. You will also receive a download link.


Looking forward to many happy reading hours with you

The Zoowun team