The Bath Book for Girls
Imagine making your baby’s fun bath time into a story for her as the two of you cuddle close

If your baby loves her bath time, then she will love this unique e-book, which brings the fun of her own bath time into her story time.

Here’s why your baby will love this book:

  • Firstly, her name is the sweetest sound she knows – and she will hear it throughout the story.
  • Secondly, she will love the bright, colorful pictures that show herself in the story.
  • Thirdly, it’s a way to spend close, cuddling time with the person she loves most in the world – you.

Zoowun personalized books for babies 
 Here’s why you will love this book:
  • It is truly personalized with both your baby’s name in the text and your baby in the pictures.
  • It doesn’t cost a fortune.
  • Delivery is almost instant.
  • You can read it on any tablet, smartphone or e-reader.
  • It is available in US English or UK English.
  • Reading early with your baby promotes language, reading and numeracy skills at school. It's not just fun, but you are helping to set her up for a life full of success. 

Let’s show you what we mean

 Imagine sitting with your baby as the two of you look at the cover of the Bath book for girls. Your book will have your child’s name here and throughout the book and you choose the avatar that looks most like your special child who is the hero of this story.

Here are some of the avatars, imagine how your baby will laugh as she sees the book with a baby as familiar as the one she flirts with in the mirror.

 Zoowun personalized bath book for baby

And here are some examples of what your unique Bath book cover can look like with your choice of baby names and avatar.

 Zoowun personalized bath book for girls  Zoowun personalized book for baby girl   Zoowun personalized bath book for baby girl
You fill out your own dedication message. It’s free and makes your book even more personal. 

And then here is what the bath book for girls looks like inside. It perfectly captures the fun of bath times in rhythms that will resonate with a baby who is learning the sounds of language. Imagine your baby bouncing up and down on your lap. She chortles as she points at the colorful pictures.

So as you can see, the story is all about your baby and things in her world. It shows her ways to interact with familiar things and learn. And the story time will give you time to hold your baby close and just enjoy the feel of her soft skin. 

 Zoowun personalized stories for babies

 The vibrant pictures have the avatar that looks most like your specific child, who is the hero of the story.

The e-book format is convenient. It can go anywhere with you for those moments when you need to entertain Baby unexpectedly. We’ve all had them –waiting at the doctor or standing in a queue with a grizzling baby is no fun for you or her. And the pages won’t get torn.

 Zoowun Personalized Bath Book for baby girls
Our delivery is almost instant into your inbox, so you can enjoy a unique story time within the next five minutes. That means there’s no waiting around for delivery or having to find a nearby bookstore. So you can hear your baby babbling her story back to you as you enjoy the book together.   
It won’t break the bank. The bath book costs Three US dollars  and fifty cents. We keep our e-book prices in line with what you would pay for an ordinary e-book for this age group on This means you get all the personalization elements - your child as the story's hero, the pictures with her avatar and the dedication message - for free.  
 Zoowun Personalized Bath Book for baby girls
The story is age-appropriate with compelling rhymes and rhythms that will help develop her language skills in the first year of life and beyond. There are five pages in the story because your baby’s attention span is no more than 90 seconds – so it is a fun time for both of you.

And as she sees this picture of herself snuggling in a towel, she will imagine your hands gently toweling her off. Perhaps you will imagine the sweet after-bath baby smell as her head snuggles against your shoulder. 

 Zoowun Personalized Bath Book for baby girls

Just to remind you, here is what it’s all about.

  • It is a unique story for your baby about your baby.
  • It is illustrated with vibrant pictures that show an avatar of your special child.
  • It won’t cost an arm and a leg – just Three US Dollars and Fifty cents.
  • It will be delivered to your in-box almost instantly.

So act now to treat yourself and your baby to hours of one-of-a-kind story time fun. Click here to buy this book right now.