"This Little Piggy" personalized for your toddler

Take your toddler’s story time from traumatic to terrific

Hey Mom, do you want a quick and easy way to keep your one-year old happy and engaged during story time?

If you are wrestling with the glory and the gore of being a mother to a one-year old, then you will know all about those grumpy toddler moments that threaten to derail your story times. I’ve been there – the refusing to sit still, the shouting above your voice and the rifling through the pages of the book ahead

of where you are reading. 

   Zoowun personalized e-books for toddlers

So here is a way to make your one-year old boy love every moment of story time by placing him right in the center of one of his favorite nursery rhymes: “This Little Piggy”.

Here’s why your toddler will love this version of “this Little Piggy”:

  • The vibrant cover will show his name in the title and the cover picture will show an avatar that looks just like him – so he will know right at the start that this story is all about him. Here are some examples of what the cover could look like.
 Zoowun personalized e-book for 1 year olds       Zoowun personalized e-book for 1 year olds
  • There is a special dedication message to show him how special he is to the person who bought the book for him – and it will be a special keepsake.
   Zoowun personalized e-book for 1 year olds
  • The e-book will show him at the center of the story, with him name throughout the text;
   Zoowun personalized e-book for 1 year olds
  • He will see an avatar of himself (with six different skin tones and up to eight different hairstyles) in the colorful pictures that illustrate the story – it truly is personalized.
   The Zoowun personalized e-book for 1 year olds
  • The delivery of our e-book format is almost instant into your inbox so he doesn’t have to wait weeks for him personalized book to show up.
   Zoowun personalized e-books for toddlers

In the same way you’ll love the way it captures him imagination and makes him laugh just the way he does when you tug him toes as you recite:

“This little piggy went to market

 This little piggy stayed at home…”

You’ll also love the price tag – just US$4.00 for a completely personalized e-book that stars your child as the hero.

To order right now, simply click this this link or go to www.zoowun.com and click on the “shop by age” tab. There you will find our library sorted by children’s ages. Our “This Little Piggy” book has been specially created for one-year olds so please click on the one-year old tab.

Select whether you want the boy or girl version and click on it.

  • Choose the avatar that looks most like your special child;
  • Fill out the order form including your child’s name, birthday, the delivery e-mail address and your own special message to him.
  • Place your order and your “This Little Piggy” book with pictures that show your special child as the hero of the story will arrive almost instantly in your inbox. (You can also download it through a link.)

    So just to remind you what it’s all about:

  • A unique story for your toddler about your toddler
  • Illustrated with vibrant pictures that show an avatar of your special child.
  • Won’t cost an arm and a leg – just $4.00.
  • Will be delivered to your inbox almost instantly.

Buy it now at This Little Piggy Book for Boys. We wish you many happy hours enjoying your personalized Zoowun e-book.