Counting for tots - animal style

“Animal Numbers” by Nicola Killen is a charming way to introduce your toddler to the first five numbers.


Each number is introduced through a “hide and reveal” sequence, which lets your happy reader unfold the page to show the animal, bird or fish that the riddle refers to. The pictures are clear and colorful and will delight you both. 




-There is one dirty rhinocerous, who loves rolling in the mud.

- Two crocodiles reveal rows of evil-looking teeth.

- Three hippopotamuses blow lots of bubbles under water.

- Four wondrously colored peacocks parade their feathers.

- Five fish show off their swimming skills.


Each number has a sequence of colored circles so you and your child can count out the numbers.


Please feel free to use this handy Amazon link if you want to introduce your tot to numbers today.



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