Why make your 1-year old the hero in his own story

If you are frustrated that story books for one-year olds are not giving your child a sense that he belongs in this big wide world, then we have a range of fun e-books that can change that.


Very simply, our personalized e-books make your child the hero in his very own story. And no, it’s not a waste – your toddler’s brain is like a huge sponge, soaking up everything he hears and sees every day.


  • Do you want him to think of himself as kind? (and behave that way?)
  • Do you want him to see ambition as a good thing (and check your prejudice in the door here. The ability to dream big will open so many doors)?
  • Do you want him to have a sense of humor and a love of the ridiculous?
  • Do you want him to see himself as the hero in his own life – and able to take control of it?

If you do, then what better way than to read him stories now that include these elements?


Here’s what it’s all about.

  Zoowun Personalized e-books 
  • The rollicking text includes his name throughout the story – making it truly a story that’s all about him.
  • The pictures are personalized too – so he will see himself in the colorful illustrations throughout the story.
  • Our e-books for one-year olds are 10 pages long – just the right length to hold his attention and tell him a story that will capture his imagination.
  • We use the e-book format to keep our production costs low. Our stories for one-year olds cost just US$4.00, so you can buy your child a treat and have something for yourself as well.
  • Our e-books are delivered almost instantly to your inbox, so there is no waiting around for your special story time.


To order, just go to www.zoowun.com/Library and click on the 1 year tab. This will take you straight to our range of e-books created specifically for one-year olds.


Then choose a story and click on the “Create my book” tab. You will then choose the avatar that looks most like your child by scrolling through the avatar menu. Our one-year old avatars have six different skin tones, five different hair colors and 15 different hair styles.


Put in your own special dedication message and your e-mail details so we can deliver it. Once you’ve checked out, please look in your inbox for your personalized e-book. You can read it straight from the file or add it to your phone, tablet or e-reader library.


Go on – get your special personalized e-book for your one-year old today at www.zoowun.com/Library. It will open up a world where your child can be the hero in the story – and in his own life.