10 Reasons 1-Year Olds Love Zoowun E-books

The sheer number of children’s books available can seem overwhelming sometimes, doesn’t it? Here are the top ten reasons to look at Zoowun’s selection of personalized e-books the next time you want to get your one-year old a new bedtime story.

  1. Each e-book is an engaging story that will catch your toddler’s imagination. You’ll love how it distracts her from the business of the day and so makes bedtime storytime a calmer, fun experience for both of you.

  2. Your child is the hero of each and every story. Her name appears on the front cover and throughout the text.

  3.  The colorful pictures include an avatar in your child’s likeness, so the story really is entirely about her. 

  4. Your child will see a brave or kind or funny or smart hero version of themselves reflected in every page. What better role model can you think of?

  5. Our stories will begin to open your toddler’s eyes to a wider horizon of possibilities as their story self meets new people and explores new places.

  6. Some of our stories introduce ambition as a positive – rather than negative – trait. We don’t describe this ambition as grasping, greedy or cruel, but rather that sense of wanting something to be better. After all, Thomas Edison would never have invented the light bulb if he hadn’t had the ambition to literally light up the world.
  Zoowun Personalized stories for 1-year olds 

7. Our stories are a gender-blind world. The child heroes in our stories succeed because of their abilities and strivings and not because of their sex. So girls can star in stories all about dinosaurs or pirates and boys can have fairy friends if they want them…

8. Our Zoowun world is literally color-blind – our heroes come in all skin tones and races groups – and without any “white savior complex” either. Our avatars are available in 6 different skin tones, five different hair colors and over 10 different hairstyles. And our extra promise to you – we will add in more skin tones if you tell us what you need.

9. Our e-books are delivered almost instantly to your inbox so there is no waiting around for it to arrive weeks later.

10. Our personalized e-books are incredibly good value for money – just US$4.00 for one for your one-year old.


So treat yourself and your toddler now – go to  our e-books and choose a book from our selection for one-year olds.


Happy reading