Is Your 1-Year old Ambitious?

If you’ve ever watched your one-year old build a block tower and the undeterred focus while he’s placing one block on top of another, then you’ll know that even small children are capable of thinking big.


But here’s the thing. Should we be teaching our children to be ambitious?


After all, that’s a dirty word – isn’t it?


We associate it with greed and backstabbing and being sabotaged so that some ruthless individual can add our corpse to the heap and climb the corporate ladder aided by this ever-growing pile of bodies.


But is this true?


Certainly, ambition can become perverted and twisted into the backstabbing, corpse-climbing type.


  Zoowun Personalized stories for 1-year olds 
But are any dreams attained or businesses built or words changed without a sprinkling of ambition? Not likely - if that ambition is the gnawing hunger to change a status quo or do something that seems impossible.

Without ambition there would be no people in space, no organ transplants, no electricity. There would be no Apple, no Google, no Microsoft. Not even Coca-Cola or the Super Bowl. I’m guessing we might not have invented the wheel yet.


Without ambition we will not solve our planet’s problems of war, disease, climate change or overpopulation.


So yes, we should be encouraging benevolent ambition in our children. One that encourages them to dream the biggest dreams they can and aim to create a better world.


But where to start?


As with many things that set our children up to succeed in life, I believe it begins with equipping their imaginations to be able to begin feeling out what tomorrow’s future should look like. And the best way to do that is to read stories to them LOTS. OF. STORIES.


It really doesn’t matter what you read, but I’m going to recommend the personalized “Biggest Block Tower Ever” e-book.


 Why? Because it is the story of your one-year old’s drive to build the tallest block tower the world has ever seen. Yes, it is a story of a tot with ambition. It is the story of your toddler owning his own dream.


Here’s how it works:

  • Your child’s name will appear on the cover and throughout the story’s text – so the story really is entirely about him.
  • The bright, colorful pictures will feature an avatar that looks like your child so he can really see himself in the story.


So how do you create this personalized story for your child?


Just here for boys or here for girls and select the avatar that looks most like your child from our menu. There are six different skin tones, 19 different hairstyles and five different hair colors.


Then enter in your child hero’s name, birthdate and a special dedication message. The e-book will be delivered right to your inbox as soon as you check out.


So why don’t you treat your special tot to a personalized “Biggest Block Tower Ever” book today?


And who knows what fires of ambition you could be lighting for the future?