4 Things I Learnt From "Baby Loves Summer"

I loved reading “Baby Loves Summer” to my children when they were toddlers. But a recent revisit got me thinking about the important messages that book had for me in my “Mom Journey”, if I just look for them. In doing that, it also reminded me of how enthusiastic about life small ones are – and how much we lose when we give that up.


In outline, here are the key things that jumped out at me from the pages of this fun-filled book:

  • Babies are constantly exploring and curious about the world around them.
  • Babies don’t waste time wishing for what could be. They make the most of every moment they have. Right now.
  • Their mom is their favorite playmate.
  • Babies and toddlers are often up early as they are so enthusiastic about the coming day.


Let’s explore each of these in a bit more depth.

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Babies are very curious about the world around them

From that first cry, my babies were always curious about what was going on around them. Sometimes it was exhausting just watching them (and trying to keep up with the trail of mayhem in their wake).


This story reminded me of those moments. Of the curiosity and the willingness to explore and push the boundaries of their world a little wider each day.


Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you had never lost that burning desire to explore? I do.


Babies don’t waste time wishing for what could be

This baby is happy to be where she is right now. She’s not waiting to lose 10 pounds or color her hair or buy a new outfit. She’s not waiting for anything.


Because why waste the moment?


And it struck me – why is it so hard to recapture that single-minded focus, that exuberance, that joy.


Why not take each moment for what it is? Right now.


A baby’s mom is her favorite playmate

Just look at the delight on the baby’s face in the picture where she’s playing with her mother and the garden hose.


I know my children love hanging out with me. I also know I should treasure that because it won’t last forever.


Yet how many times do I turn away - because there’s something urgent (albeit not necessarily important) that must be done NOW. I need to remind myself to breathe and play with them. Be with them. Now.


Babies and toddlers are often up early

The early pages of “Baby Loves Summer” show our baby hero welcoming the beaming sun and the new day. I winced as I recognized that enthusiasm to greet the (very early) morning and the strong will to just get out of bed and get to it. After all, there is a whole world out there, waiting for us.


So where did I lose that? That wanting to get out there and find out what today holds for me. Did it get buried under the gigantic “to-do” list. Or the seemingly never-ending chores around the house?


Can I jump out of bed tomorrow morning, ready to embrace each minute of the gift of this new day?


I hope so.


I will.


Please tell us in the comments below, what you’ve learnt as a mom or a human being from reading stories to your children.


And if you’d like to get a copy for yourselves, here is a handy Amazon link.


P.S. As an aside, “Baby Loves Summer” also reminded me how important it is to talk to your baby constantly and name all the things around you. This is one of the foundation stones to building vocabulary. (The other is reading ;-) .)