Marley Dias Changed Her Own Story

Marley Dias is the inspiring young founder of the #1000BlackGirlsBooks campaign. According to this article she started the campaign as an antidote to reading “kids book after kids book about white boys and their dogs”.


And I cheered. 

Because here is a girl (who will one day be an incredibly powerful woman) changing the (literal) story of her life. A girl who took something that impacted her and changed it. She changed it by finding the type of books she wanted to see. She changed it by inspiring other people who felt the same injustice to work with her. She changed it by writing a book herself.

What wonderful lessons in how to make change happen.


It reminded me very powerfully that we are, in so many ways, the product of the stories we tell (or read) ourselves. Language and pictures are amazing inspirers or demotivators – and so often we imbibe those messages in the safety of our homes – for good or ill.

   Zoowun Personalized stories for kids
And then I smiled to myself.


Because creating e-books that star children in multiple skin hues and ethnicities is what gets us here at Zoowun out of bed every day. We love to reimagine a world where books reflect to their readers a picture of the world made in their own image, instead of demanding they conform to someone else’s vision.


To give children the ability to imagine themselves as the hero in their own story. Irrespective of race. Irrespective of gender.


To let them imagine a world where anything is possible.


And to hope that this will mean that they can make the change in their own life stories too. 




The best part?


Marley had so much buy-in for her campaign that she received 11,000 books rather than the 1,000 she was looking for.