The Personalized Peekaboo Book for Baby Girls

There is something universal about the game “Peekaboo”. It is a deceptively simple game that babies all over the world seem to play with inexhaustible delight. We know it’s also been played for a long time – at least back to the 17th century, when it was the subject of an 1895 painting by Georgios Jakobides.


But there is a more serious side to “Peekaboo”, as Tom Stafford explains in this article. To quote Stafford, “No mere habit or fashion, the game can help show us the foundations on which adult thought is built.”


That seems a huge responsibility for a simple game. I’ll leave you to read Stafford’s article for yourself, but the core reason for this is that it teaches the concept of “object permanence”. As a result of this weighty developmental outcome, the “Peekaboo” game has also been the subject of a number of psychological studies.


Stafford also insinuates that “Peekaboo” is so popular because it “uses the fundamental structure of all good jokes – surprise, balanced with expectation”. So, an interesting thought: if your baby becomes a comedian in their adult life, you gave them a start by repeatedly playing “Peekaboo” with them.


Now you can get all the fun of the “Peekaboo” game in a new, special personalized format.

  • Imagine your baby’s delight at seeing a picture of themselves playing “Peekaboo” in the pages of our special e-books.
  • Imagine how they will laugh as they hear their name repeated in the text.
  • Imagine how they will play along as you read the story to them.


Each and every adorable Zoowun e-book is truly personalized.

  • We create our e-books for each age so that the length and language are age-appropriate.
  • Your child’s name appears on the cover and scattered throughout the story. This means that they are the hero of the tale.
  • Our vibrant pictures use avatars so your child can see literally see themselves in the story. You choose the avatar that looks most like your child when you order the book.
  • Our baby avatars that have six different skin tones, 12 different hair styles and five unique hair colors so that it celebrates your own child’s uniqueness.
  • The e-book is delivered almost instantly to your inbox, so you don’t have to wait for it.


So don’t delay, treat yourself and your baby girl to hours of rollicking “Peekaboo” fun at here. (The version for boys is available at here).


You can view our video of the personalized Peekaboo Book for Baby Girls here if you would like to see more of the content.


Happy reading!