The Personalized Block Tower Book for Girls

There are five things we love about the Zoowun Personalized Block Tower Book for One-year old Girls – and we think you will too.


First of all, we love the – dare we say it – personalization. We love that this story is all about your very own unique one-year old girl – and that her name appears on the cover and in the text throughout the story.


But the personalization doesn’t stop at the text. The bright and colorful pictures take that personalization to the next level by customizing the pictures as well.


To do this, you choose the one-year old girl avatar that looks the most like your special child, who is the star of the Biggest Block Tower Ever Story. To achieve this market-leading level of personalization of the pictures, you choose from a menu of 96 different avatars that include six different skin tones and five different hair colors.


The second thing we love about the Biggest Block Tower Ever for one-year old girls is that the hero is a girl in a book that you might consider an early engineering text book. Even at one we think every child should be encouraged to think of themselves beyond the clichés and stereotypes.

   Zoowun Personalized stories for kids

Thirdly we love the sheer joy and energy that runs through every page of the story. Just as joy and energy define the ordinary moments of every one-year old’s day.


The fourth thing we love in the pages of the Biggest Block Tower Ever e-book for girls is the ambition that defines the entire attempt at building a block tower as tall as Mount Everest in the first place.




And this is not the nasty, grasping, back-stabbing, stomp-all-over-anyone-who-gets-in-your-way ambition. This is the pure type of ambition that has driven every worthwhile human endeavour through history. The ambition that wants to do something just to prove it can indeed be done.


The last thing we love about the Biggest Block Tower Ever for one-year old girls is just how easy it is to buy.


Just go to here. Then you choose the avatar that looks most like your child, who is the hero of the story.


Fill out the details on the order form and check out for just $4,00. Your personalized e-book will be delivered almost instantly to your inbox.


We hope you will love the Block Tower Book for Girls as much as we do!