Make your 1-year old the hero of this story
 Zoowun personalized stories for 1-year olds
 AMAZING: Your 1-year old daughter is the determined hero of this fun-filled personalized story book

Are you frustrated with reading your one-year old daughter picture stories that are never about girls?


Are you dog-tired of reading her stories about boys or rabbits or bears?


Do you want her to hear stories with girl heroes?


If so, then we have some great news for you.


Each e-book is as unique as your child

Imagine cuddling your little girl close as you read this brand spanking new story together. It’s a rollicking tale of a one-year old girl with drive and determination. She builds a monster-sized block tower as high as Mount Everest.


Imagine watching your little girl as she sees herself in the story.


  • The bright and colorful pictures feature an avatar that looks like your child. This means that she - and you - can see that the story is all about her. You will both love pointing out the details to each other.
  • Your child’s name appears in the text, so that she can hear that she is the hero of the story.
  • Each of our e-books is an age-appropriate length. This means that your child will stay engaged with the story.
  • The story contains age-appropriate content so that your little girl will understand it and interact with it.
  • The one-year old girl hero of this story is driven and determined. Your child will see herself living out these awesome attributes.
  • It is a fast-paced, fun-filled read, so that your child will be engrossed in it.
  • The story’s hero achieves her incredible goal. Imagine planting this seed – that your child will grow up believing that she can act to change her life.
  • This story is available in both “girl” and “boy” versions. This means your daughter is not being stereo-typed into only playing with girl toys like dolls. And she’s not being prevented from playing with “boy’s toys”.
  • The girl hero of this story is dressed in bright yellow and blue. Now your daughter can see that there is a rainbow of colors out there and she doesn’t only have to dress in pink. (Unless, of course, she wants to.)
  • There is a small amount of text on each page so that the pages keep turning. This keeps your child engaged with the story.
  • You put in a special dedication message so that it is a fun keepsake for your child.
  • You can carry the e-book anywhere - and it doesn’t have pages that tear.
  • Your personalized e-book is delivered almost instantly to your inbox. You don’t have to wait weeks for it.


Why the e-book format?

Perhaps you like the idea of the personalized “Biggest Block Tower Ever” story for your one-year old girl, but you don’t like the e-book format.


I understand the longing for a hard copy. The fun of turning physical pages.


But there are two reasons that we use the e-book format.

  1. To keep costs down. Many personalized children’s books are extremely expensive. This is because they cannot print large volumes and keep the unit cost down the way traditional publishers do. There is no printing cost for the e-book format.
  2. To speed up the delivery of the story to you. Our e-books are almost instantly created and delivered to your inbox. This means you don’t have to wait weeks for it to arrive.

What does it look like inside?

Having said that, one of the joys of buying hard copies is that you can “test-drive” them before you buy.


We can’t show you exactly how your book will look, because both the hero’s name and the pictures are specially tailored for your child.


But we can give you a taste of what it will look like. Just play this GIF. It shows the inside of the Personalized “Biggest Block Tower Ever” for Girls. We have also inserted a border with a sample of some of the available avatars. That way, you can get a better sense of some of the options.

   Zoowun personalized stories for 1-year old girls
    Take a peek inside the Personalized "Biggest Block Tower Ever" e-book for one-year old girls
 But don’t just take our word for it

Here are some rave reviews from people who have bought the “Biggest Block Tower Ever” personalized e-book for one-year old girls.


We had to read it ten times straight – she just couldn’t get enough of it. – Juanita Lopez


At last – a story where my child can see pictures that look like her (because they are her). – Aaliyah Roberts


My daughter loves the pictures – especially spotting the details. – Charine Miller


The pictures are lots of fun. – Julie Simons


Our special offer to you

Right now, you can grab your own unique version of the personalized “Biggest Block Tower Ever” picture e-book for one-year old girls. And you can do it in under five minutes from the comfort of your couch. Because your time is important.


We have a special deal for you if you would like to make your little girl the hero in her own story. The bright pictures will be personalized too.


You can buy your own personalized “Biggest Block Tower Ever” e-book for one-year old girls for just US$4.00.   


Imagine, you could be reading your unique version of this tale to your one-year old just five minutes from now.


What’s more, we are so sure your child will love it that we have a 90-day money-back guarantee if she doesn’t.


That’s right – you don’t risk a penny. Order the e-book and let your one-year old give it her own personal “test run”. If you’re not completely thrilled with it, we’ll refund you every cent. No questions asked.


What other book publisher offers this?


So, act now and order without another second’s delay. Remember…you have zero risk. And you get a fun-filled personalized e-book as unique as your one-year old.


How to order

To order, just go to The Personalized Biggest Block Tower Ever and follow these simple steps.


  1. Click on the “Create my Book” button.
  2. Choose the avatar that looks most like your special one-year old girl.
  3. Fill in her name and birthdate.
  4. Insert your special dedication message.
  5. Choose your preferred language (UK English or US English).
  6. Enter your e-mail address.
  7. You’ll need to create an account the first time you shop with us – but it’s quick and painless. We ask only for necessary information. And we never share your details. Ever.
  8. Then just check out. We use PayPal to process payments.
  9. Check your inbox. The e-book should be delivered to you almost instantly. Otherwise you can download it in your account profile.
  10. We recommend that you save it into your device book library for the best reading experience.

And then, enjoy your unique version of the personalized “Biggest Block Tower Ever” e-book for one-year old girls.


Any questions or problems, please e-mail us at


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