Even the Shortest Story Can Have a Plot

And have you ever wondered why these books for babies don’t have a plot – just a short and simple one?


Here’s the reason they could have a plot or a story: even a single sentence can contain a whole story.


Shake your head in disbelief if you will. Then go to https://www.newyorker.com/books/flash-fiction and read these complete stories for adults. They are a sentence or two, but they are a story. A complete story with beginning, middle and end and a protagonist.


If we can do that for adults, why not for babies? And save parents and care-givers the pain of reading random words and pointing to random pictures and calling it a story book.

We can create complete stories for babies with few words. Just think about your favorite nursery rhymes. Some are bizarre riddles, their genesis lost in the mists of time.


But many are complete stories. Like this one.

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Little Jack Horner sat in a corner

Eating his Christmas pie

He put in this thumb

And pulled out a plumb

And said, “What a good boy am I?”


Are you ready to read stories to your baby that are age-appropriate in length and language, but won’t bore you to tears?

Then have a look at this week’s book of the week- the personalized Explorer Book for Baby Girls.




It tells the story of a baby just beginning to push at the boundaries of her world as she learns to crawl. Track the chaos, the mayhem and the fun on every page.


Want an extra bonus: you can make this story all about your own baby by personalizing both the name of the story’s hero and the pictures.


Yes, that’s right. You can choose to create a story for your baby where she will see a baby who looks a lot like her careering through the pages. Just pick the avatar that looks most like your child from our extensive menu.


The best part is that it won’t cost a lot. You can order the e-book for just US$3.50 and be enjoying it together with your baby just five minutes from now.


Go to  https://www.zoowun.com/ebook/29 and treat your baby – and yourself – to a complete, fun-filled story today.


Keep hoping.

Keep believing.

Keep reading.


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