Future Bookworms are Made on Their Parents' Laps

 If you’re a bookworm, then you’ll know that secret pleasure of losing yourself in the pages of a book. You’ll know that you can escape to a place more real than your own life without your body leaving the comfort of your favorite chair.


You’ll know that you’ve danced with Cleopatra and giggled with Bridget Jones.


You’ll remember how you sailed the oceans and climbed distant peaks.


Without leaving your house.


That’s why you probably want your baby to love books as much as you do.


Not because hearing those bedtime stories will mean that they will have larger, more complex vocabularies by the time they’re three. (Before your eyes glaze over, what educators mean is that your child will do better in life and school because they have more tools to communicate.)

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It will mean that too, though.


And you probably don’t want to read to your children because it will “improve numeracy”. Yes, a number of scientific studies have shown that your child will do better in math IF they are regularly read to.


The problem with knowing all the good stuff about what reading to your children does, is that it makes all sound so b.o.r.i.n.g.


Which is crazy.


How is getting lost in worlds beyond your mind’s borders boring?

How is being able to imagine different times and places boring?

How is being able to see a better world boring?


Of course, it’s not.


This is why we want our children to be bookworms.


It is fun.


And you can help your child become that future bookworm, simply by holding her on your lap and reading to her. Every single day.