Make Bedtime Stories Great Again

Are you fed up with your baby’s bedtime story time?


Do you find it difficult to keep her engaged? Is she cranky and just ready for bed?


Or are you panicking about that unread e-mail from your boss? Or a deadline? And you just don’t have time for this.


Or maybe, you’re just plain bored with her library of baby books? Afterall, so many of them just seem to be random words with pictures attached scattered through a few pages.


Well, we have some good news.


Your baby’s bedtime story can be fun for both of you. Here’s how.

  Zoowun personalized stories for babies 
 Zoowun’s personalized e-books for babies will keep her engaged. How?


By making her the hero of her very own story.

You already know that your baby lights up when you say her name. Now imagine how she will smile as she hears her name repeatedly. It appears throughout the story’s text – because she is the hero of the story.


You’ll feel her cuddling closer as she spends time with you – the person she loves most in the world.


Then imagine also that the pictures in her bedtime story look just like her.


You make this happen by choosing the avatar that looks most like your baby.


There are nearly 100 baby girl avatars (and nearly 100 boy avatars) to choose from. Select from a menu of eight different skin tones, six different hairstyles and five different hair colors.


So, cuddle her closer and enjoy the bedtime story together. Because these are stories, developed especially for babies.


These e-books cost just $3.50 – at no risk to you, because we have a 100% 90-day money-back guarantee if you and your baby don’t love it.


This amazing bedtime story is just a mouse click away. Go to today and choose from our range of personalized e-books designed just for babies. And you won’t have to wait, because it will be delivered almost instantly to your inbox.