Don't Stereotype Your Baby's Future

Where do stereotypes come from?

Why do we let them happen?

How can we change them?

Imagine a tiny baby. Now imagine that that baby is a boy.


What do you think his future will be like? Will he be successful? Famous? Wealthy?


Now imagine that that baby boy is black (if you weren’t already).


Does your imagined future change?


If you imagine him being successful, was it as an NFL player? A rapper? An NBA player?



  Destroy the stereotypes in our childen's books 

Why are you imagining these stereotypes?

The simple answer is because they are insidious and easy. The problem is that even children do this to themselves and so limit their futures.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. And change starts with the stories we tell and read to our children. They need to see themselves in different realities to be able to picture the life they want – and then to pursue it with every atom of their being.


The sad reality, though, is that the majority of children on the planet struggle to find stories where the heroes look just like them.


Now, imagine a world where you read stories to your child in which the hero looks just like him.


Impossible I hear you say, but it’s not.


This is what makes Zoowun unique. Each and every one of our e-books can be customized so that the hero of the story looks just like your baby. Choose from a selection of six different skin tones, over 20 different hairstyles (depending on their age) and five different hair colors.


Even better – the story’s hero is your baby. So - the pictures look like him and his name appears in the text.


And the best part – you don’t pay a premium for this amazing personalization. Our range of e-books start from USD3.50.


So, what are you waiting for? Get it right now at


  • Just choose the book you want.
  • Select the avatar that looks most like your child from the menu.
  • Enter their name and birthdate.
  • Insert a special dedication message from you to them.
  • Enter your e-mail address so we can deliver it straight to your inbox.
  • Check out and then check your e-mail for it.


It really is as quick and simple as that.


Just go to and treat yourself and your special child right now.