Are you bored with animals in books for babies?

If you read to your baby every day, then you know how many thousands of books for under ones are all about cute, fluffy animals. Perhaps you think, as I do, that there is a limit to how many times you can invite your baby to “touch the adorable baby (fill in the blank)” on the page in front of her.


But you can have something different – a picture e-book that’s not just about a baby girl, but your baby girl. Imagine her babbling with delight as she points to “herself” in the colorful pictures as she recognises the baby she flirts with in the mirror.

  • She’ll recognise that baby’s skin color, hair color and hair style in the bright pictures.
  • She’ll see herself exploring and conquering the world around her so that she will be happy to do the same in real life. And maybe this will echo through her lifetime and into a confident adulthood.
  • She’ll hear you – her favorite person in the whole world – saying her name over and over.
  Zoowun personalized stories for babies 

And the best part is that the e-book format means that the cost of this unique personalized story is just US$3.50 – so your hard-earned cash can afford more than one treat for Baby (or yourself).

To buy one now, just go to and select the personalized story you think your baby will love best. Then choose the avatar and fill in your baby’s name and a special dedication message from you. Once you check out, the e-book will be delivered almost instantly to your inbox so you can start enjoying it together right away.