The Boy Who Danced in a Tutu

The toddler grinned up and slowly twirled around to show off the pink ballet tutu. The gathered tulle sparkled as the glitter caught the sun. He lifted his leg and pointed his toes…


What was your reaction to that?


Would you have felt the same if the toddler was a girl?


Would you have cheered if my story had been about a little girl playing pirates?


Don’t we need to have these conversations for the girls – and the boys.


I am no rights activist, but I feel very strongly that my daughter should be able to have all the same opportunities as her brother, not just when she grows up but now. I feel very strongly that she should receive equal pay for equal work. With every fiber of my being I want her to be able to walk down a street – any street – and not be catcalled. Or fear.

  Zoowun personalized stories for babies 
 But I also want my son to be able to express his feelings, to cry, to work out conflicts without using his fists. And that starts here, with allowing him the freedom to wear the pink, sparkly outfit if he wants to.


At Zoowun, we believe in beating gender stereotypes. That is why every single e-book we create is available in a girl and boy version. So, your daughter will be able to have that pirate adventure or play with dinosaurs. And your son can play with fairies and mermaids.


You can make this change for your child today. It starts with you. With how you react. What you let them do. What you read to them.


Make the choice.