Two kernels of wisdom from "Dear Zoo"
Rod Campbell's delightful "Dear Zoo" contains two important life lessons for moms and everyone else. Find out what they are in this blog[...]

5 life lessons from "The Very Busy Spider"
Did you know that children's stories often contain profound wisdom for our busy mom lives? Me neither. But it happens that they do. Read the five lessons I found in the beautiful pages of Eric Carle's "The Very Busy Spider".[...]

Mom wisdom from "Danny the Champion of the World"
I didn’t expect that re-reading children's stories as an adult - usually in the enchanted bedtime story - would show me that so many of these stories also hold timeless messages for us as adults, especially moms. Here are ten of these nuggets that I unearthed rereading Roald Dahl’s “Danny the Champion of the World”[...]

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