Is Your 1-Year old Ambitious?
Should we be teaching our children - especially our very small children - to be ambitious? After all, it's a dirty word, isn't it? But perhaps we need to think this through more carefully - if we teach our children to aim for the stars, they're not going to come up with handfuls of mud...[...]

Mom Wisdom from "Tom Kitten"
Beatrix Potter’s “Tom Kitten” is almost a manual on how moms can be their own worst enemy and, sometimes, just set themselves up for frustration. Here are the seven things I learnt about this in the pages of this delightful book, which is just as fun today as when it was written.[...]

10 Reasons 1-Year Olds Love Zoowun E-books
Here are the top 10 reasons you and your resident 1-year old will love our fun-filled, personalized e-books. [...]

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