Mom Wisdom from "The 3 Little Pigs"
I have recently discovered that there is a world of parenting advice in a very unusual – and fun - place. It’s there in the stories I read to my children. Today I’d like to share the four things I have discovered in that well-loved tale “The Three Little Pigs”. [...]

The Personalized Peekaboo Book for Baby Girls
There is something universal about the game “Peekaboo”. It is a deceptively simple game that babies all over the world seem to play with inexhaustible delight. But it has a serious side too. Now you can make the most of your "Peekaboo" times with our fun, colorful personalized e-book for baby girls.[...]

Marley Dias Changed Her Own Story
Here is the story of a girl (who will one day be an incredibly powerful woman) changing the (literal) story of her life. A girl who took something that impacted her and changed it. She changed it by finding the type of books she wanted to see. [...]

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